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Herbal IQ Brands, Buffalo’s best dispensary brands page is the ultimate destination for all cannabis enthusiasts out there! First, come and explore a wide array of top-quality cannabis products that have been meticulously curated from trusted vendors. Second, from natural sun-grown flower to top-of-the-line concentrates, our cannabis selection caters to every type of consumer. Third, whether you’re looking for an invigorating Sativa, a relaxing Indica, or a perfectly balanced hybrid strain, we’ve got you covered! Browse through our vast selection of premium products and discover the perfect strain that’s tailored to meet your unique needs and preferences. Fourth, our products are lab-tested and sourced from trusted vendors, ensuring that you receive only the best quality again and again every time you shop with us. Further more check out herbal IQ Brands today!
From the family that brought you Beak & Skiff & 1911 Established. Ayrloom™ showcases the fifth generation’s commitment to quality, innovation and sustaining over 1,000 acres of land in upstate new york. 110+ years of agricultural experience coupled with a passion for cannabis & concentrates. Results in products that would make our great-great grandfathers proud. Lastly the team at ayrloom™ offers a full line of products to incorporate into daily routines, and we invite you to ADJUST YOUR ALTITUDE with us. Herbal IQ Brands.
Rolling Green Cannabis is a team of experienced growers with over 20 years of combined work in controlled-environment agriculture. Our backgrounds are diverse. Lastly Rolling Green represents a combination of Ivy League education, blue-collar trade work. Herbal IQ Brands
High Peaks is a destination for the adventurous, explorers, and those to enrich their lives with the cannabis & concentrates. Central Processors range of premium products empowers entrepreneurs. Comforts the stressed, aids the wellness-minded, and elevates the day-to-day experiences of all our customers.
A Walk in the Pines is a cannabis cultivator dedicated to growing the highest quality flower. Next, we offer premium flower, pre-rolls, vapes, gummies, & concentrates through our Pines brand. Herbal IQ Brands.
Located in Rochester NY Nowave is a licensed NYS cannabis proccessor started by 5 lifelong friends in 2014. With deep roots in the vape/smoke/hemp industries. We have been supplying over half of the retail locations in the US with our brands we create in-house. Our experience in edible and vape manufacturing has allowed us to provide high-quality products for the adult-use market in New York. Operating out of our brand new 32,000 sq ft CGMP certified facility. In addition providing the resources and expertise to develop successful brands by manufacturing consistent, high-quality infused products & concentrates.
of natural flora. Providing a reliable, consistent aroma and flavor experience with each use. These strain-specific botanical blends were designed to be as close to the actual flower profile as possible. Furthermore, the option to choose convenient, discrete all-in-ones or easy to use universal 510 cartridges. There’s a perfect high for everyone and every situation.
We make water for people who like weed. Nothing artificial, just water, weed + terps. Crack it open, take a sip, drink weed.
With a focus on the pure experience of cannabis and our love for all- natural ingredients. Weed Water is the perfect, simple combination of water, weed and terpenes made possible by nano-soluble technology. Commitment to a good, clean high. Zero calories, no added flavors or sugars. Unbelievably and refreshingly good. Finally Weed Water is both the perfect at-home relaxation drink and the ideal social sippable for a fun time with no hangover. Stay highdrated.
Naturae is uniquely positioned for success in NY’s upcoming recreational cannabis market. Utilizing state-of-the-art CO2, butane, and then solventless extraction methods, we are poised to be a leader in the production of THC distillate oil, live resin, concentrates and live rosin. Inhouse manufacturing capabilities allow us to produce large volumes of high-quality finished cannabis products. Including vaporizer cartridges, infused pre-rolls, edibles, and connoisseur-focused concentrates.
Our mission to heal the environment while producing amazing cannabis & concentrates. We grow our plants using regenerative farming techniques. Which means we use healthy soil, cover crops, compost, and no chemical pesticides or fertilizers. Herbal IQ Brands.
Hand select’s the finest NY grown flower available to use in our infused joints. 5-pack tins of 0.5g liquid diamond infused jointsare coated with high-terpene infused THCA diamonds and rolled in kief. Finally our hand-rolled hash holes have 1.5g of flower rolled around a0.5g solventless hash rosin worm.
PharmaCann is one of the country’s largest vertically integrated cannabis companies, providing safe, reliable, top-quality cannabis products. By investing in people, practices and infrastructure, we are shaping a new, vital, wellness-focused industry and advancing access to cannabis through effective, affordable and trusted products and services.
With over 30 years of cultivation experience from Legacy Growers hailing from both New York and California. 18,000 SF greenhouse flourishes with organic, soil-grown crops nurtured by the hands of passionate smokers. Furthermore our dedication to quality and precision is showcased by our 140 supplemental lights, delivering premium, hand-trimmed flower. Finally With genetics from the best breeders worldwide.
Flower products include resin or rosin that offer the full expression of the plant’s terpenes, trichomes, and cannabinoids. In addition It’s just one of the ways we honor the plant and its power – all so we can deliver the very best.
Products are made using 100% organically grown cannabis. Creating the ultimate individualized cannabis experience means perfection in every step of the process. Lastly from cultivation to cartridge, Rove does everything in house, and take pride in bringing our consumers high quality concentrated products.
believes cannabis is the greatest medicine in the world. That’s why we’re on a mission to make microdosed cannabis and accessible part of daily life.
We believe cannabis is a conduit to elevated moments, experiences, and connections. So we focus on elevating everything we do—from product quality and innovation. Cultural experiences that inspire and connect us. Always with a higher purpose of inclusion, normalization, and progress. Because elevated should be for everyone.
TYSON 2.0 is a brand founded by the legendary boxer Mike Tyson. The Company entered the cannabis ring in 2021. Next our commitment to providing the highest quality products in each market that it entered. While continuing to conquer the global cannabis market, TYSON 2.0 has also expanded into a variety of other consumer product. Spanning across the US and 16 other countries. In every endeavor, the brand undertakes Mike Tyson’s legendary mindset of being the greatest of all time. Whether it’s cannabis or beyond, TYSON 2.0 is committed to delivering the goods while cultivating unrivaled experiences.
We curate and cultivate the best hybrid strains in our greenhouse at Java Sprouts Farm. Pair with tarot cards to explain the strain’s mood benefits. The archetypal symbols of the tarot allow consumers to think about their puffs not just in terms of flavor. But also in enjoyment of the moment. Finally each puff becomes an exploration of the senses, guided by the wisdom and symbolism of tarot cards.
Welcome to Supernaturals New York, where we are setting the standard for a sustainably grown, smooth and flavorful smoking experience.
Have you had a disastrous first encounter with cannabis? Maybe your experiences have been good for the most part but inconsistent. Perhaps you want to reap the plant’s benefits for the first time but aren’t sure where to start. Welcome to LEVEL. LEVEL’s products are scientifically designed to deliver the desired effect, every time. Furthermore, if you’re looking to focus on a project, get a good night’s sleep, prevent a hangover, relieve stress, or soothe aches and pains, there’s a unique cannabinoid profile for that. We crafted the range of doses and intake methods We offer with the intention of providing tools that help you discover what your body responds to best—no matter your experience level with cannabis. Ultimately, we hope to not only help you find the right solution for any given situation but also assist in a lifelong journey of self-discovery.
They say it all comes back to your roots, right?
Our roots, homegrown in a small house on the north side of Chicago. It was in that house we explored our connection to nature with inspiration from the city. It was in that house we brought creativity to cultivation. That house we explored with craft strains and innovative genetics. Further more we had to share our passion for premium cannabis with our friends, family and community.
Nighthawks and early birds have one thing in common – good and consistent rest is important to overall health. Snoozy Delta 9 THC Gummies for Sleep help you get the rest you need when you can’t sleep.
Snoozy Delta 9 THC edibles contains hemp-derived cannabinoids such as Delta 9 THC, CBD, and CBN. Combined with all-natural chamomile and L-theanine to promote restful sleep. Lastly with Organic & All Natural ingredients to help you get the rest you deserve.
At Revert, we cultivate a unique cannabis experience rooted in organic practices within the heart of the Capital Region, NY. As a women-grown and veteran-operated company. Our mission is to redefine the industry by crafting premium varieties of cannabis. Each strain is meticulously handcrafted and curated to cater to diverse preferences. Ensuring a pleasurable journey for individuals from all walks of life. Our commitment to quality, sustainability, and inclusivity drives us to provide a harmonious blend of nature, expertise, and community in every product we deliver.
To grow the best quality cannabis while improving the quality of the soil, and quality of life for our team and our greater community. Equally important we strive to do this with the most sustainable inputs, practices, and systems. Further these goals we encourage constant learning, innovation, and sharing.
started as a way for Jeremy Jimenez to help his hometown. Jeremy, founder of Honest Pharm Co and originally a local resident of New York State. Started out in the hemp market in Colorado and this knowledge manifested into what he does now. Cannabis in what is potentially known to be one of the largest markets to date in New York State. After moving away from his hometown, over 20 years ago, he couldn’t stop thinking about running another successful company elsewhere. Lastly, when the well-known rose facility Jackson & Perkins / Newark Florist came to market, he jumped at the opportunity to purchase it. He didn’t have a choice. His stepmother, who is from Honduras, worked there for 15 years until it closed in 2012.